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Savings Calculator

Estimated Impacts

This model estimates the operational and capital costs savings that can be achieved by repowering existing diesel buses with electric drivetrains.

The environmental impacts have also been calculated including savings of CO2 and damage due to air pollution.

The indicative estimates are based on the average UK buses and emissions factors, sourced from government data, industry organisations and independent testing. Costs do not consider those arising from customers’ internal labour/workforce.

Please contact us for a more detailed analysis of the savings you can achieve.

Kleanbus model inputs

1 buses
1000 buses

How many vehicles are you considering for repowering, our calculator multiplies unit savings by this amount.

Double decker weights and fuel consumption are assumed higher than single deck vehicles. Re-power solution costs will also vary somewhat with this distinction.

1000 km
125000 km

A typical annual distance travelled per vehicle will allow KleanDrive to calculate what's possible.

5 years
30 years

Most heavy commercial vehicles have a 20+ year life, repowering can extend that, how long do your vehicles have left to run.

1000 £
40000 £

Including all service, maintenance and typical repair, how much are your diesel vehicles costing you?


By accurately knowing what you are paying for diesel, we can refine our model accuracy.


Our KleanDrive partners can typically arrange Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) at only £0.11 p/kWh, however, if you are locked into a PPA today, please tell us the rate to refine our model assumptions.

Estimated Impacts

Capital & Lifetime Operational Savings
Capital cost savings over buying new electric buses
Total Lifetime operational cost savings
Annual Operational Savings
Fuel savings
Maintenance saving
Grant (BSOG/NSG) savings

Certified KleanDrive repowers attract increased BSOG payments in the UK. Click here if you're eligible.

Total Annual operational cost savings
Environmental Impact
Total CO2 saved
Total NOx damage costs saved
Total Particulate Matter damage costs saved