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Our Process

KleanDrive’s unique modular electric drivetrains and engineering expertise allow us to offer a bespoke solution for repowering vehicles to be zero emission, at a fraction of the cost of buying new electric vehicles. Read more about our unique solution below, developed for buses but applicable to all heavy commercial vehicles and beyond, or contact us for further details about how we can help you save money and have a positive impact on the planet as soon as possible.

<span class="span-blue">Customer</span> Requirements

Customer Requirements

Our process begins with a vehicle assessment for suitability followed by a detailed engineering feasibility study:

  • Duty cycle requirements
  • Topography
  • Operational requirements and restrictions
  • Charging infrastructure considerations
  • Future proofing strategies
  • Financing options

We assess the operational and capital expense savings that will be delivered, as well as the social and environmental savings that the customer can achieve.

<span class="span-blue">No More </span>Pollution
  • Diesel Extraction
  • Engine Removal
  • Oil Extraction
  • Ancillary Removal
  • Component Rationalisation
  • Send for Recycling
Stage 1

No More Pollution

In short, we strip out the diesel engine and replace it with an electric one. In reality, this is a complex process, bespoke designed for each vehicle model, which considers the requirements of the engine, transmission, steering, braking, electrical and other auxiliary systems and even the aesthetics and functionality within the driver’s cab and the passenger area. The dashboard (human machine interface) is also refreshed with advanced, modern technology.

<span class="span-blue">Installation </span>Complete
  • Electric Powertrain Module Installation
  • HMI Installation
  • Battery Connection
  • Software Enabled
  • Wiring Connection
  • Component Calibration
Stage 2

Installation Complete

Vehicle chassis and body modifications are kept to a minimum since each repower is purposefully engineered to fit the former diesel engine space. As an option, an internal and/or external refurbishment can also be included to modernise the bus.

Certified <span class="span-blue">Zero </span> Emission Bus
  • Safety Checks
  • Interoperability Checks
  • Software Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Functional Optimisation
  • Final Sign Off
Stage 3

Certified Zero Emission Bus

Effectively, we breathe new life into buses, making them cleaner and quieter for society, more comfortable for passengers, and more valuable assets for fleet owners.


Our Aim

Is to rid roads of traditional combustion engines, replacing them with cleaner electric systems to improve air quality for all. Using a range of British engineering talent, we have researched, developed and brought to life a process of converting legacy diesel buses to electric.

In order to deliver cleaner air and a better future, repowering offers an alternative to new vehicle production, with none of the embedded emissions associated with manufacturing, upcycling an existing vehicle, thus accelerating the transition to zero emissions.


The Bigger Picture

Several legacy buses can be repowered through our unique repower process for the same cost as purchasing one new electric bus, accelerating the path to zero emissions. Through our expert knowledge and strong partner relationships we can advise on the wider considerations of transitioning to an electric fleet, from innovative financing models for batteries to charging infrastructure, and support you through every step of your electrification journey.