Kleanbus has completed the development of its first advanced modular electric platform, installing the pioneering system into its first prototype vehicle. The expert bus repower company’s ‘e-drivetrain in a box’ can convert a diesel bus, whether single or double decker, to zero emission, quickly and cost-effectively.


Kleanbus’ state-of-the-art electric platform technology has been installed into its first prototype, an Optare Solo, and the testing programme is progressing at its 9,000 sq ft facility in the east of England. In parallel, the company is entering pilot trials with key bus fleet operators too.

“Leveraging the latest in proven components from leading Tier 1s, our technology agnostic solution enables us to create an adaptable system that can convert a diesel bus into a
state-of-the-art zero emission vehicle quickly and cost-effectively,” said Joe Tighe, Co-Founder and CEO of Kleanbus. “Kleanbus also provides the complete solution to bus operators, with innovative financing and charging as part of the total package, making it easy to go zero emission. The potential for repowering is huge: lower operating costs for bus operators and accelerating the transition to a clean future.”

Once a model type e-drivetrain solution has been designed and tested it takes less than two weeks to repower an individual bus, getting vehicles back in service in as little time as possible. Operating costs are also dramatically lower, at a third of those of a conventional diesel bus while electric repowered buses from Kleanbus also cost significantly less than a new electric bus.

However, thanks to Kleanbus’ partnerships with innovative finance providers, operators can choose several ways in which to finance their vehicle, ranging from paying for the vehicle
upfront and leasing the battery, to paying nothing upfront and leasing both the vehicle and the battery. In this way, operators can fund the cost of the repower through operating revenue, maximising the business case.

“Momentum is building rapidly with the completion of our ‘e-drivetrain in a box’ and the installation of this modular platform system into our first prototype,” said Tighe. “We are excited to accelerate our prototype testing programme, with pilot trials also starting this month with two bus operators.”