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The Smart Way To Electrify Your Fleet.

Our innovative modular drive systems repower your diesel vehicles cost-effectively, safely, and sustainably.

KleanDrive’s mission is to accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles for the health of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Accelerate to Zero


Vehicle Repowering Solutions.

KleanDrive provides a unique alternative for accelerating the path to zero emission fleets and delivering environmental and social responsibility benefits. We have developed a Repower programme which allows fleet operators to electrify commercial vehicles in the quickest, most financially viable and environmentally friendly way.

  • 70% less than new vehicle cost
  • Increased asset value
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Best in class technology
  • Reduce, Re-use, Repower!

Fleet Electrification Programme.

Transition to
Electric Faster

Achieve fleet electrification 3x faster by converting your existing
diesel fleet

Cost-effective Electrification

An economical transition to
electric with lower total cost of

Responsible Fleet Operation

A socially and environmentally responsible fleet replacement

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Working In Partnership To Meet The Needs Of All Our Stakeholders.

Accelerating the shift to zero-emission buses in London will encourage more people to use the bus and support the Mayor’s mission to improve the capital’s toxic air and tackle the climate change emergency.

Chris Remnant

Chris Remnant

Engineering Director, Abellio London

Fossil fuel use, especially diesel, must be removed from the transport system as quickly as possible. With public transport budgets tightening it makes sense to repower existing diesel bus fleets to electric and improve air quality in our towns and cities in the shortest time possible.

Professor Frank Kelly

Professor Frank Kelly

Battock Chair of Community Health and Policy, Imperial College

Zero emission buses are a triple win for our lungs, our climate and the UK economy.

With the right investment, we can turbo-charge the ambition of our city leaders and clean up our air, increase jobs and catapult the country as a global leader in our next industrial revolution – transport decarbonisation.

Oliver Lord

Oliver Lord

Head of UK for Clean Cities Campaign

To have KleanDrive as members of EIC is incredibly exciting. As the Air Quality Taskforce chair, I look forward to welcoming and working with Kleenbus. They bring a wealth of expertise and insight into the decarbonisation of transport, and in addressing air pollution. KleanDrive ’s contributions will enrich the work of our taskforce as we strive to improve air quality and safeguard the well-being of our communities.

Sarah Horrocks

Sarah Horrocks

EIC Air Quality Taskforce Chair

We love the work that KleanDrive are doing. One of the biggest levers we have to combat air pollution is to remove the problem; diesel. I believe KleanDrive has the most elegant, scalable solutions, helmed by a fantastic team, to make a real difference.

Paul Finch

Paul Finch

Co-Founder, Growth Studio

The transition to zero emission buses and coaches poses multiple challenges and the wide range of services provided by the sector means a range of solutions are required to achieve net zero. CPT is supportive of zero emission technologies and continues to work hard to support our members, operator and supplier, through this challenging transition.

Rebecca Kite

Rebecca Kite

Policy Manager, Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT)

London’s world-leading low and ultra low emission zones have slashed carcinogenic diesel emissions over more than 15 years. To finish the job, we need the Mayor to target a diesel-free London by 2030.

Simon Birkett

Simon Birkett

Founder and Director of Clean Air in London

We are delighted that KleanDrive have joined the ZEMO Partnership as we accelerate the introduction of ultra-low and zero emission buses, working with passenger transport companies, local authorities and government.

Zemo Partnership

Zemo Partnership

Delivering A Better Future.

KleanDrive is rapidly removing diesel emissions from our environment, to clean the air we breathe and deliver a better future for our planet and society. Reducing diesel through Repower directly saves CO2 emissions, and the cost of air pollution to society and our health. The savings from repowering just 1000 buses will make a substantial impact.

Use our free calculator to estimate the social, environmental and financial savings you could make through Repowering your vehicles.


Social and Environmental Values.

We are committed to growing our business in the most sustainable way, in alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals. As a Certified B Corporation we are committed to using our business as a force for good. We are driven to have a positive impact on all communities and particularly those most vulnerable in society, by accelerating the shift to a more sustainable, economically viable, zero emission transport system. View our Environmental Policy here.

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