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The Kleanbus Story

We started Kleanbus because we wanted to make a difference… because we believe that we – the human race – need to make bold changes in the most intelligent ways – we need to make them successful and long lasting. It is apparent that a new system of energy generation, storage and deployment is emerging alongside a new  electric transportation system that will  serve people safely, cheaply and efficiently for hundreds of years to come. This system is in its nascent stages but is rapidly developing and changing: this new energy system will literally make or break humankind. We want to be part of this success story.

Joe and I met in high school and formed a lifelong friendship.

As we have followed disparate career paths and each faced trials, victories and disappointments, we have learned about the natural and financial world around us.  We have observed – and been complacent about – the disastrous effects fossil fuels are having on our planet. In the last 20 years, evidence has mounted  that we are on an unsustainable path of energy procurement and deployment.

This caused us to ask ourselves: “What can we do about it?!”

We met Rob Gretton while evaluating engineering solutions to gravity energy storage and wind turbine generation and found him to be of a kindred spirit.  Rob believes, as we do, that time is of the essence and  that renewable energy and electrification are winners in every way. Together we set out to take action and “be the change…”

After market and mechanical research, we realized that we could make the most impact by removing dirty diesel engines from our roads: this would be an  amazing way to both stimulate and enable the change from ICE to EV while benefiting from the massive innovations and regulations driving this electric revolution.

Rob, Joe and I started Kleanbus Ltd in January 2021 because we want to facilitate, encourage and shape the transition away from deadly fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy that electrification brings.

We are passionate about offering bus fleet owners a full package / process for rapidly and inexpensively changing their polluting, devalued buses into safe, efficient and clean buses of which they can be proud, secure in the knowledge that they have made financially intelligent and environmentally friendly investments.

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